Air Fresheners: .15oz (400 total) at $2.75 each

Custom Label



Candied Bacon:  Pineapple, Honey, Bacon Fragrances

Maple Bacon:  Maple, Bacon Fragrances

Honey Pepper Bacon: Honey, Pepper, Bacon Fragrances

Fireball Whiskey: Cinnamon, Whiskey Fragrances


*Flat shipping fee of $60 for this shipment is included in price, if there is any money left over we will refund.




Email us at: give us your logo or your idea and we will submit you a proof.



Witch Hazel, Fragrance Oil





The minute you approve your label we can begin production: depending on amount ordered production time will change.


.15oz tubes




  • .15oz/4gr of tinted chap stick. You can contact us and to request a certain color and we will do our best.