A smooth blend of Purified Water, Bentonite Clay, and GFSE (Grape Fruit Seed Extract) excellent for all skin types, acne problems and other troubles like chicken pox, bug bites and rashes.

1oz: $5.95

2oz: $10.00

4oz: $14.00


This is wonderful for all skin ailments but does not leave that lovely peppermint coolness of our peppermint bentonite mask. Some people prefer it simple. This mask is excellent for drawing out puss in blisters and similar problems such as rashes. Please remember though..this is not to replace a doctor's care.


Apply in a thin even layer all over the area and allow to dry. Do not rub in. Approximate drying time depends on thickness of layer applied. This mask can be used more than once a week. The skin will feel very cold during and after use even though you are not using the peppermint variation.


Follow the same directions for treating bug bites, chicken pox and rash...very cooling and will pull out the nasty that bug bites leave behind.


This is not intended for internal use.

Basic Bentonite Clay Mask