"Been there, Done that" many can say for whether you have had the flu or sea sickness you have had nausea at some point in your life.


We do not seel cures but this might help and it smells fantastic!

Our spray is the lightest of all the anti-nausea products we are selling.

Made with Witch Hazel we chose particular essential oils for specific reasons.


Peppermint: Use to help with  excess gas or bloating, It cleans the air and so too your throat.

Lemon: Natural pain killer and stress reliever.

LIme: Helps with energy.

Orange: Settles senses, lessens stress and helps with stomach aches.

Ginger: Bloating, gas, stomach aches, relieves diarrhea

Nutmeg: Digestion, insomnia and also helps with pain.


4oz. spray bottle. Shake well and spray, please avoid eyes.


Anti-Everything Spray