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Supporting Small Businesses

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

It takes a lot of research but we are doing it; finding small businesses in the United States that make quality products for every need, bras, underwear, cleaning products, make-up, lotions, soap and more. Our goal is to avoid ANYTHING made in Communist China until the Communist Chinese Party is part of history.

Standing with America, and made in America is important to our economy, important to our control over what we purchase and our future as freedom loving people. Our priority will be to list companies that make their products in the United States with materials purchased in the United States and hopefully those materials are also made in the United States.

We find a common thread in United States small businesses, a willingness to make a custom product for their customers, whether that product be lip stick or underwear. Where in China could you find that? No elite store 'department store' in the United States, Wal-mart or Target for example, will offer you a chance to custom your order.

To start our efforts we present EweLeaveMeInStitches:

An Adorable Baby Boutique for Natural Parenting (California, MD)

Melanie Dafler: is the owner of this delightful shop. She offers more than you see in her Etsy shop and can also be found on Facebook, custom blouses being one of them. Fantastic customer service and a professional attitude that puts department stores to shame. She is knowledgeable and quick, honest and helpful. Her underwear is so comfortable, not binding nor does it grab in any embarrassing spots. Smooth and sexy while providing excellent coverage. Please check her out. I receive nothing from promoting sites except for the satisfaction of knowing people are learning they have alternatives to cheap China products, large social justice warrior department stores.

Other items she makes:

Mrs. Dafler says she make it a priority to source the entirety of her fabric collection from domestic suppliers, and many of her suppliers print their fabrics right here in the US. I also try to source all notions, snaps, zippers, etc from other small businesses.

The more we order from small businesses in the United States the easier it will be for them to find their materials in the United States. We, the customer creates a ripple that turns into a tsunami of prosperity for the United States.

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