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Miracles Never Cease

I have been ordering from the Northern Market Cafe for quite sometime so I am partial but I never recommend anything unless it is the best. When I first went looking for jerky I found at least a hundred choices and tried many. Some were passable, others okay for survival food but this company is the best and was on Etsy under the name smokechefinternational when I first found them. Since then they have become so popular they have graduated to their own website and they are truly better than any jerky I or my family have ever tasted.

This isn't the normal jerky you find in your gas station or the check out lane of your local grocery store. This jerky still has life, you feel texture, it makes your mouth water and you crave more. Hand cut and slow smoked, like everything good in life should be! My favorite to date is the Smoked Angus Sirloin Beef jerky which comes in 18 wonderful mouth watering flavors: Red Chili Flake, Prime Rib, Black Peppercorn and even A-1. If you want to order in large amounts you can order by the pound or you can purchase their 4oz packages and that way you can try all 18 flavors. This jerky does not come stringy, when you bite into every succulent piece you feel like you are eating steak!

It was adventure for me to order bacon for I had no idea you could smoke bacon! I tried both of the Northern Market Cafe choices. Crispy Keto Friendly Bacon that you can pick whether you want it slow smoked over hickory, cherrywood or applewood for that unique flavor you like best. If you don't care about whether your bacon is keto diet friendly, then go for their Smoked Candied Bacon Jerky. Eighteen flavors to choose from in this category, like ranch, honey, Cajun and Fireball. Check it out for there are so many varieties you will never get bored.

Gregory provides an actual menu of delicious food besides jerky but we live three states away from the Northern Market Cafe so we don't get to partake of their hot food or catering. If you live in or near 4109 West 12th Street in Erie, Pa I suggest you stop by; if not to order a steak or a made to order pizza; then to stock up on the BEST jerky I have ever tasted and while you are at it a mug. Fantastic honest customer service!

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday Closed


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