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MelBeauty Is An Inspiration!

Looking for cosmetic tubes I went hunting on Etsy for I always look for small business owners to help support the local economy. Of course it was a hunt for with the Covid19 Virus packaging is very hard to find. I lucked out! I found MelBeauty !

I had the privilege to talk to Mel herself when I ordered tubes and found an honest, professional and knowledgeable person. On their Etsy store they sell items that help cosmetic companies like ours. Equipment and packaging that is clean, well packed and organized when it arrives.

I talked to Ms. Woods and she told me the mission of her company; saying MelBeauty is home to a wealth of products from lipstick to lipgloss, lashes and makeup products. She has purposely built a brand around purpose, MelBeauty hopes to help women embrace their inner fabulous selves while encouraging them to be fierce, flirty & fabulous.

MelBeauty's Brand Ambassador Program is a great example of this. It empowers women and encourages them to get all dolled up to handle business all while expanding the brand's social reach and also shining a light on the beautiful women who support the brand. Owned by Girl Boss Beauty Guru Melanie Woods, MelBeauty is on the rise!

Ms. Woods is an amazing leader is a difficult field, encouraging all women to be powerful and beautiful.

Going through her main webite I found it very user friendly and her colors beautiful. Great products. Be powerful!

ButterCup Lip Gloss

Check out her site and if you need her supplies check her out on

You will feel inspired I promise.

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