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Great River Organic Milling...when you need purity...

Organic can be found everywhere but not at a reasonable price nor often in the United States as we all know. I went on a search to find just that and was happily surprised with Great River Organic Milling. They offer anything you need: Organic Bread, Flour Blends, Specialty Flours, Whole Grains, Breakfast Options, Ancient Grains, Gluten Free and Pantry options.

Organic White Flour is delightful! Makes bread perfectly for the result is not too fluffy and not too heavy. A perfect, picture ready loaf of bread came out of our bread machine. You can purchase their GMO free flours from sizes as little as 2 lbs all the way up to 50 lbs. When you click on their size links the link will send you to Amazon but if you are like me and do not want to use Amazon contact them directly via phone: 608-687-9580 or email: They will give you prices and shipping costs for what ever size you desire.

IF you need rice, oats or even buckwheat flour check out their Pantry Section and every single item for sale has extensive detail on everything you might need to know: Nutrition Facts, Description, how it should be stored and what other products the facility produces.

So many things to find on the Great River Organic Milling site that you will never need to search through Wal-mart's toppled messy shelves again. Best Customer Service, they are patient and helpful and treat you like part of the family. Shipping is reasonable but I do recommend buying in bulk like we do; starting at 4 bags of a product but the Great River company will help you with that also. Supporting American businesses has never been so easy.

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