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Better Than Italy

Making normal fare taste better is the goal of every cook. The same ingredients stare at us from our pantry every day and sooner than later we will question if there is anything new. Something, anything different. Rice three times in one week because that is all there is for a side dish available can make anyone tired of eating no matter how good that rice is made. We promise ourselves we will find something new to flavor our family meals the next time we go shopping only to find the same old flavorings, either too many preservatives and or too expensive so we leave the store with nothing.

We are all facing using the same dishes over and over with limited choices available so I have the best news possible, flavor without preservatives for an excellent price. Sonoma Farms is a delightful experience of delicious flavor for anything we choose to make. For the new customers samples are available, small bottles or even the option to buy in bulk for customers coming back that want to save money on shipping.

I remember standing in the shopping aisle wondering what the difference was between balsamic, red and white wine, white and apple cider vinegar except for price. I did know I found white vinegar harsh, but it makes great cleaner. Wine vinegars have their purpose, which I still have to figure out, but to me they were white vinegar with a slight flavor. Now, Apple Cider Vinegar can be fantastic but in small quantities and as a natural treatment for minor illnesses. So I stood there looking at balsamic vinegar on my fifth trip to the store confused. It costs more and the label said to try on my ice cream so how do you use it and why was it so expensive? Yes, you can get it cheap, which I found makes a great meat tenderizer but can be sour if you do not know what you are picking, but the label said put it on my ice cream!! NOT happening!

That was years ago and over that time I have found balsamic vinegar comes in a thousand varieties but the good ones were always too expensive to use on everything. Like a great whiskey, an expensive balsamic vinegar is used sparingly unless you want the company to make their yearly gross income off you alone. Meats, salads, fish even but still not brave enough to put it on ice cream. NOW Sonoma Farms balsamic vinegar is perfect on ice cream! Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and never forget the Bourbon Balsamic Vinegar, they are perfect on anything. I won't try 20 year old whiskey on my finger and I darn well won't lick the bottle but with Sonoma Farms Cherry Balsamic Vinegar I will add a little water to the empty bottle and put it in soup or even in my tea. Not one drop of Sonoma Farms products goes to waste in our home and NOT because they are expensive but because their products are truly THAT good.

Truly delicious! Apple Balsamic Vinegar. $3.99 for a 1.5oz sample size. They sell out quickly so you have to come back often but it is so worth it!

That special meal or desert? Try Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar! Superb! 1.5oz will last a lot longer than you think, at least the whole meal. Chopped Roasted Peanuts with whipped cream and Sonoma Farms Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar on French Vanilla ice cream is a perfect special dessert.

$13.99 for an 8.5oz heavy glass bottle of heavenly Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar. Honestly my favorite, enough so that we just bought a gallon of it. Next time we are buying a gallon of their Bourbon Balsamic Vinegar because it is just that good. Use up your steak sauces, ketchups and salad dressing for honestly they will just fill space in your refrigerator and pantry after trying products from this family run business located in the United States.

Sonoma Farm's best price is truly a gift to bored cooks around the United States. At $64.99 for 128oz of pure taste this keeps well. Store in your pantry or if you can see your way to part with some, share with friends and spread the word.

Don't leave yet! Sonoma Farms has so much more to share: Artisan Oils ( Olive Oils, Truffle Oils, Grape Seed Oils) We personally favor their Garlic Olive Oil. All of their oils are excellent but the Garlic Olive Oil makes a boring frozen pizza PERFECTION! A touch in any dish will have you thinking you are on a vacation but you aren't afraid to admit how much you spent. Sonoma Farm's oils have none of the bitterness I have found in other oils, their's are a light golden nectar of goodness. 1.5oz Samples $3.99, 8.5oz $10.99, 16.9oz $19.99, 1 gallon $47.99,

5 gallons $179.99.

I would usually close with some flowing sentence beginning with... "In the end..." but there is no end to Sonoma Farms' benefits. Made in the United States, supporting families and farms here and not overseas, giving you delicious well made products at prices you cannot find in Italy.

Check out Sonoma Farms Blog and their store here: When you buy $50 or more you get FREE SHIPPING!

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