How we started

I'm a curious person by nature and after becoming ill in 1996 with symptoms no one could correctly diagnose I began a passionate study of herbs and a healthier way of of life. My passion has become a family business with a large number of products.

Our very first product was our travel lotion allowing people to travel with an organic lotion anywhere; airplanes, trains, your back pack and even in your locker or your desk at work. Organic coconut and palm oil have extended the shelf life of our lotions while treating rashes, and our combination of essential oils in the lotion (our Anitbacterial bar & Salve) help flight infections.


Today,we aim to assist the client in finding what makes you comfortable. What ingredients you are most happy with and what makes you happy.

We are adding new products constantly. Our latest development are lip conditioner, air fresheners and custom oils.